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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Tips for Travel Nurses in a Hospital Setting 

Treyvon Kurr
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The term “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) has grown in popularity in recent years. This can be highly beneficial for travel nurses in hospital settings as they gain more experience in multicultural backgrounds. DEI emphasizes hiring and advocating for people from all backgrounds, equity and fairness in representation and access to resources, and creating workplaces that are welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll explain several practices that travel nurses can use to practice DEI during their assignments in hospitals.  

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Diversity stands for valuing people of all ages, races, genders, identities, and abilities in order to create a more equitable and inclusive environment. Equity ensures a fair distribution of resources and access to opportunities. Inclusion means encouraging active participation and contribution to diverse perspectives and ideas to create a supportive workplace.  

Understand and Respect Cultural Differences  

Travel nurses will likely encounter a variety of different cultures while on assignment. It’s important to not only respect the cultural differences of others, but to also learn more about them. You can do this by reading literature, attending cultural events, and talking with community members. By doing so, you can bridge the knowledge gap and create a better understanding between the patient and the medical team. This will foster an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. 

Speak Up Against Inequity or Discrimination 

 It is incumbent on a hospital’s staff to ensure that each patient is treated with respect and dignity. If any type of discrimination or inequity arises during your assignment, it is important to speak up. Assertively and respectfully voicing your concerns and asking questions can help the patient feel heard and be a powerful ally in creating a more equitable and diverse environment in the hospital.  

Maintain Awareness of Your Own Biases  

To practice DEI, it is important to be self-aware and recognize our own unconscious biases. We all come into a situation with our own preconceived notions. It is important to be aware of these biases and to check ourselves in the moment. This way, we can ensure that our behavior and interactions with patients are free from any type of discrimination.  

Use Professional Development and Training Opportunities  

Many hospitals and healthcare systems offer resources and training to help employees better understand DEI concepts and practices. This can include cultural awareness, skill-building workshops, and seminars. Taking advantage of these opportunities can boost your knowledge and skills in practicing DEI.  

Bottom Line

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important concepts in a hospital setting. Travel nurses have the potential to make a big difference in promoting DEI in their assignments. By understanding and respecting cultural differences, speaking up when inequity or discrimination occurs, being aware of their own biases, and seeking out professional development opportunities, they can ensure that the environment in the hospital is equitable and welcoming for everyone.  

At MLee Healthcare, we care about helping travel nurses find their next assignment. All our assignments consider diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for our nurses and patients. We strive to support our nurses both professionally and personally, all while creating an environment where our nurses can succeed and thrive. Contact us today to find your perfect assignment. 

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