Nurse Staffing Agency

As a leading nurse staffing agency, MLee Healthcare takes immense pride in offering a comprehensive spectrum of nurse recruitment services, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the healthcare industry. Our expertise in nurse staffing extends beyond merely filling positions; we are dedicated to matching qualified nursing professionals with roles that align perfectly with their expertise and career aspirations. From providing travel nurses for acute-care hospitals to facilitating permanent placement in medical practices, we ensure each staffing solution meets the unique demands of our clients.

Our services also include specialized home care nurse staffing, addressing the growing demand for high-quality nursing care in residential settings. We recognize the critical role interim nurse leadership plays in maintaining the standards of patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities, and we deliver outstanding candidates for these pivotal roles. Furthermore, our flexible per-diem nurse staffing options are tailored to meet the dynamic and evolving staffing needs of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

MLee Healthcare, as one of the nation’s largest and most reliable nurse staffing partners, is committed to enhancing healthcare staffing across various settings. We understand the nuances of the healthcare staffing process and are equipped to provide top-tier nursing professionals for both clinical and non-clinical roles. Our focus on delivering quality, efficiency, and satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for healthcare facilities seeking a dependable staffing agency to stay ahead in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

The Widest Range of Nurse Staffing Agency Services

Traditional travel nurse staffing

Per-diem nurse placement

Temporary nurse staffing

Critical staffing

Electronic medical record (EMR) implementations

Permanent nurse placements

International nursing jobs

Interim nurse manager, nurse director, CNO, CNE placement

What our clients are saying

“They placed me in the perfect environment. After speaking to them about myself and my career they found me the perfect home. Their staff talks to you as much as needed and promotes your best self. They are the best people I have ever worked with.”

Carrie Ternes