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Our RPO agency services streamline the entire recruitment process, enabling you to swiftly and efficiently onboard top talent while reducing operational costs. Explore our RPO agency services below to discover how we leverage cutting-edge technology, deep industry insights, and digital marketing to transform your recruitment challenges into opportunities for growth and success.


Tailored Talent Acquisition Strategies

MLee Healthcare specializes in crafting cutting-edge talent acquisition strategies tailored specifically for the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. We understand the complexities of navigating healthcare reform, mergers and acquisitions, emerging methodologies, and evolving patient demographics.


Building Robust Talent Pipelines

Our recruitment process outsourcing services are designed to build robust talent pipelines, addressing the surge in demand for top-tier healthcare professionals. With expertise in attracting physicians, surgeons, nurses, medical assistants, and technicians, we help healthcare organizations overcome staffing challenges and improve retention rates.


Customized Workforce Management Solutions

As your RPO partner, MLee Healthcare delivers customized workforce management solutions aligned with your strategic business goals, employer brand, and organizational culture. We go beyond simply filling vacancies; our aim is to positively influence your organization’s growth trajectory by recruiting and retaining high-quality, talented healthcare professionals essential to your success in a competitive talent market.

Your Trusted Rural Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Critical Access Hospitals

At MLee Healthcare, our RPO agency specializes in providing top-notch staffing solutions tailored specifically for Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)s. We understand the unique challenges faced by CAHs in rural healthcare settings, and we’re dedicated to helping these facilities address their staffing needs effectively by sourcing and placing highly skilled healthcare professionals who are passionate about serving rural communities. With our expertise in recruitment process outsourcing for CAHs, you can rely on us to streamline your recruitment process and build a resilient workforce that meets the unique needs of your facilities.

RPO Agency Solutions for Critical Access Facilities


Our RPO Benefits

  • We streamline the recruiting process for small critical access hospitals.
  • Our RPO model lowers the cost of CAH marketing efforts.
  • We increase the reach of CAH recruitment efforts to a nationwide audience.

Affordable and Effective

  • We offer customized packages specific to your facility’s needs.
  • We offer a monthly fee structure with negotiable rates based on volume.
  • We focus on storytelling and community engagement in recruitment.

What Makes us Different

  • We have national presence and extensive candidate search capabilities.
  • Our bulk marketing strategies are cost-effective and efficient.
  • We offer tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Technology and Tools

  • We utilize a high-performing set of technologies and online platforms to extend our reach in recruitment.
  • We are developing a proprietary software to streamline the recruitment process.

Client Communication and Collaboration

  • Our clients have constant access to updates and candidate pipelines.
  • We work closely with our clients to develop personalized recruitment strategies.

RPO Model Flexibility and Scalability

  • We tailor our RPO services to meet your evolving business needs.
  • Our RPO model can be scaled up or down based on client demands.

Quality Measurement of Recruitment Efforts

  • We thrive on your success, measured by client satisfaction and proven by our track record.
  • We have over twenty years of experience dedicated to delivering excellent services and exceeding expectations.

Cost Determination for Engagements

  • Our cost is based on the volume of open positions and client revenue.
  • We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

Risk Mitigation in Recruitment

  • We adhere to non-discriminatory practices in the healthcare industry.
  • Our team ethically shares unbiased insights and recommendations to our clients.

Transition Management for Clients

  • Our RPO Agency facilitates a seamless transition from your current recruitment setup.
  • We amplify your existing job postings with a focus on elevating your brand for increased visibility and impact.

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RPO Agency Marketing

Transform Your Recruitment Strategy

Discover how our RPO targeted marketing services can revolutionize hiring for Critical Access Hospitals in rural areas, addressing unique challenges to attract and retain top healthcare talent nationwide.

Our RPO Agency Marketing Solutions


Elevate Your Employer Brand

  • We overhaul your online and offline presence to highlight the unique culture, values, and benefits of working at your facility. 
  • Equipping you with a stronger brand means higher quality candidates and better retention. 

Job Branding That Stands Out

  • We create appealing, detailed job descriptions highlighting the unique benefits and opportunities of each role. 
  • Our job branding enables our clients to attract candidates seeking more than just a job, but a fulfilling career. 

Nationwide Reach for Top Talent

  • We extend your job postings and brand visibility across the country with our digital marketing team and partnerships with national job boards. 
  • Our reach gives our clients access a vast pool of potential candidates, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match. 

Exclusive Access to Our Job Board

  • Benefit from direct exposure on our specialized job board, frequented by healthcare professionals actively seeking new opportunities.
  • Our job board allow our clients to expedite the hiring process by connecting with a targeted audience. 

Personalized Recruitment Campaigns

  • We engage potential candidates personally with our targeted campaigns, highlighting the advantages of joining your community and hospital. 
  •  Our campaigns increase engagement and interest in your job openings and facilities, making your opportunities more attractive. 

Leverage Data for Smarter Hiring

  • We use analytics to refine our marketing strategies, improve targeting, and achieve better results with your recruitment efforts.
  • We enable our clients to make informed decisions based on real-time feedback and data insights.

Still Seeking More RPO Details?

Q&A with Andy McCall

What is RPO? What does it stand for and what are its benefits?

Recruiting process outsource. It’s not replacing, say, human resources or all of your recruiting, but it is outsourcing the recruiting process we’ve created. We’ve created a process right now that will help small critical access hospitals streamline their recruiting process by lowering the cost of marketing, streamlining the recruiting effort, giving them a bigger reach than they would have had prior, and ideally helping them to grow in their community, which is one of the most difficult areas to recruit to.

And one of the most difficult is one of the more pressing issues in America. They say three or four individuals out of five works for a small business? Most small towns have a community hospital, say, or even a critical access hospital that they might have access to. And without that critical access hospital, the county is going to really struggle.

So, we’ve created a process that will streamline the recruiting effort, lower the cost of marketing for jobs, while increasing the level of service. Why would you want to work with a company for RPO? It’s the same. It’s like having a personal assistant in recruiting. You get agency level experience at the same cost you might pay Indeed, ideally less.

We buy our marketing in bulk. So, it allows us a lot more advantage over that marketplace. We’re not trying to we’re not trying to tax the little guys. We’re trying to help smaller organizations grow. And while we can grow with them, ideally, we’ve created a low-cost affordable option, high level of service.

I understand a lot of critical access facilities are struggling right now due to a lack of talent and shortage of resources. Can you share with me the services we offer and how we can assist them in this issue?

So, we have had MLee, we’ve created a package that would help the smallest of facilities feel like their story is heard.

So, we give them a platform on which to recruit in the same way that big hospitals and facilities wouldn’t normally. What does that look like? Well, we charge a monthly fee. You could have a performance clause. And so, if you wanted executive service, you could certainly have that. Otherwise, the fee is based on the, the fee is based on the amount of volume that you have right now at your facility and it’s negotiable per facility.

We have a pricing plan built that would basically save every hospital’s money on their basic marketing that they’re already doing it. It would allow them to have an agency in-house, effectively, and it would allow someone to tell their story the way they want it to be told. They would have an opportunity to tell their story on a community level.

That’s where most people are going to be attracted to. And most of the time you’re not going to be able to market for your small town or your little facility across America like we can as an agency. We are not bound by those terms. And this option we’ve created for critical access hospitals is necessary for the survival of small-town hospitals in America.

This may or may not break a facility and what their talent looks like. But I can promise you the biggest and most urgent needs for most of these facilities are not new patients most of the time and servicing the patients that they have. If there’s already a huge talent shortage and then in addition to that, there’s a money shortage.

So, they lack the resources; they know how this model of recruiting process outsource can help solve that for many of these facilities. And if it’s, you know, it saves your cost of human resources, it saves you the cost of marketing and it allows an agency level experience to happen if you like it. So, we can tailor the services for everybody.

But there are initial offerings I think is going to be something that every hospital would want in their bag of resources.

With there being a lot of agencies across the nation, what would you say makes MLee stand out compared to the other agencies that offer similar services?

I think we’re probably one of the few agencies that can offer recruitment at this level. We have such a national presence already for the search for candidates. We buy a lot of our marketing and advertising in bulk, not to mention our rather robust database that has millions of name records already.

And this would allow a facility to have their story told all over the state. So, this would allow the marketing costs to come down. You still have a dedicated recruiter and recruiters and agencies such as ours dedicated to the process. And we don’t have to tax the little guys out there. This allows us to be the market as well. And this is this product would work for literally anybody in the nation. It’s just a matter of a matter of the price.

I’m from rural America. I know how I was born, a critical access hospital. I think it’s a way of life for a lot of these communities. And I know that the biggest employer in some of these smaller counties and towns is the local hospital. And without them, it would really change the look and feel of that community. And so, this is our way of being reasonable and offering a high level of service that when we were a younger business, would have been harder to do. It may not have made sense financially for us, but now we have enough business with bigger facilities that we could offer such a discount, offer such a package to
critical access, and it works for everybody here.

What technology platforms and tools do you use for recruitment?

We use every means necessary, every bit of social, every platform that that exists in the market right now that we use in some form or another, they either scrape ours or we engage with them directly. Most of the time we buy those packages in a bigger bulk, that’s
what allows us to be more flexible with smaller facilities, for starters.

But the technology that we’re building now is homegrown, it’s organic. We have a whole staff of developers, so it’s proprietary. It will be engineered to streamline the recruiting process and make facilities better at what they what they do. It still doesn’t make things easy in any way, but it can certainly help. This is because it’s meant to enhance, and that’s exactly what we’ve done to the recruiting process. So, after all these years of experience, and all that psychology, that intuition, empathy, and know-how. If we hadn’t built such a strong agency, we wouldn’t be able to build such strong technology.

You mentioned proprietary software earlier, tell me about how any proprietary software that you have and how that differentiates you from any RPA competitors.

I can tell you the differentiator is that we tried to buy this, and we couldn’t, so we built it. And now, you know, people want to see what that looks like. They’ll have to work with us. And I’m sure we’ll find a way to make that work as well.

Now, could you take a moment to walk us through your typical recruitment process?

Our typical recruiting process would be different than what this model would be. We might take 20, 30, 40 minutes with the hiring official to take a proper job or a job description. We want to know the players because I want to know everything is going to go on. Same thing with the candidate.

Our typical recruiting process outsource is going to look more like taking your jobs and spreading them out, telling them in such a way that you want them to be told. We’ll put more focus on things that are more important. We can give people a national presence because of the size and the strength of the agency. How much influence we have in the marketplace. None of this is still easy.

Now, if you’re looking for an RN and you have three or four counties nearby that you might be able to recruit someone from, wouldn’t you want that to have constant attention? Our recruiting process is that we are constantly putting pressure on the market, making sure people know your jobs exist. So, we’re always going to make your positions available to the public and that’s expensive. I think there’ll be certain positions that require more focus and energy, and we’ll do that. Our recruiting process and relationship will require a point of contact, at least with a secondary point of contact, and then you’ll even have one extra backup so that you’ll be able to see the candidates that are in your pipeline, candidates that we might suggest you talk with, in addition to us. But we’re not replacing your normal recruiting process or merely an extension on that.

We have some bare standards that literally would be a fit for anybody in the business, and even if you’re not always looking, you should have some branding out there. You should make people aware that you’re an option just in case. Why wouldn’t you want it shouted from the rooftops that your community is a great place to live. You have resources, natural resources, good schools, and a safe environment. Whether you’re into fishing, kayaking, outdoor sports, there’s many reasons that would make every community have some razzle dazzle.

How do you go about building and maintaining a talent pool so your RPO services?

That’s really what’s led us to have an RPO option is that we’ve been building a talent pool over the last 20 years. We’ve gotten very good at it, and we aren’t setting expectations that we can’t live up to. You’re paying for our advice and our partnership, and that’s what we’ll give you. And you’ll always have us as a resource in that process.

Part of this package would include some training. We will figure out how the best way to work together will be, and then we’ll go and share that story to the market, making sure that no stone is left unturned to say. We’ll be working closely with you, with the internal staff and human resources, saving them time, running ads, screening candidates.

We’re basically allowing them a peek behind the curtains. They’ll be certain positions that will have that will require more of a look than other ones. When you have an easier position, that really doesn’t really require a whole lot more from us at that point that we could help with. Other than the fact that we’ve made that position known and were possibly the reason that you were able to find this candidate at all.

What is your approach to communication and collaboration with your clients?

Clients will have constant access to us. We have a portal built by hand so clients can access and see what the pipeline looks like at any given time.

They’ll also have some email notifications, so at any point in time they’ll be constantly in the loop. We’ll have our notes in there as well as theirs.

Hiring is still not easy. Just because we’ve created a better system doesn’t mean that this thing is fixed. We’re going to work closely together. We’ll give advice based on the best available and not the cheapest or the most or the easiest available. So, this removes the horse race from trying to fight with clients on one big contingency deal or one big retained placement. It’s a much more fluid, cost-effective engagement where we’ll work as a partner.

When it comes to these cost-effective avenues that you have for your clients, how flexible is your RPO model to adapt to changing business needs?

Its client centered, so every client will have an opportunity to tailor this structure that best suits them and we fully will be able to give them advice based on their situation. We’ve existed for well over two decades in this space of recruiting. We only get the most difficult of searches and now we’re offering a lower cost high service option for our clients. Many of these critical access hospitals are in dire straits here and need a service like this.

Will your service be able to scale up or down based on any specific clients hiring demands?

Yes, we can scale quickly with our national presence. We have a lot of strong recruiters that have been in the business for a very long time. We have a track record of success recruiting and retaining our own talent. And I would say that if somebody were to make an acquisition or there were changes where they would want to scale quickly, we’d have the resources available to make that happen. We will also have an executive search option. So, if somebody wanted to crank up the heat on a particular search, we would have the
option to do that.

How do you measure the quality of your recruitment efforts?

I’d like to say that we measure the quality based on the amount of success that we’ve had and what our clients tell us is that we’re the best they’ve ever seen. I think that the work speaks for itself. We have a lot of tremendous reviews. We have a lot of tremendously happy clients and candidates in a space that’s difficult to please. We’ve maintained a solid reputation for over two decades.

When it comes to the recruiting process outsource, you can’t rush excellence. And, you know, so for us, helping the underserved is a real pleasure and treat. And I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know if many big agencies or higher-level agencies that are offering this type of service.

You must be careful when we try to grow a community; it won’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built overnight and this agency, it wasn’t built overnight. They say it takes about 17 years to become an overnight success. But our service allows us to help the ones that have helped us for so many years.

What factors do you use to determine the cost of an engagement with any one particular client?

Usually, their volume of open positions is how we determine the costs involved. And then not just the volume of open positions, but also their revenue, annual revenue, so that we could have an idea of how that would how that might work. We’ll come up with a cost-effective solution for each client.

What measures do you take to mitigate risk related to discrimination and bias in recruitment?

It’s the same risk we’ve always taken. We don’t refer with bias or prejudice. And so that hiring process hasn’t changed for our client. They’re simply getting our advice. We’re simply outsourcing that recruiting process. But we’ll share with you what we’ve uncovered, without regard for anything else. And we’ve had a tremendous track record of that internally and externally.

If someone was interested, how do you go about managing that transition from their current recruitment setup to your setup?

It’s easy. Once we’re signed on with the client facility or Critical Access Hospital, we would take their jobs and post for them so their normal process wouldn’t change. We would come up with a way that best suits them in terms of how they want to post for their positions.

If somebody has a list of jobs already, we will duplicate that and amplify it. And then we put some branding behind it to make sure that we can get this in front of the right jobseekers.

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