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Essential Tips for New Grads on How to Land Their First Healthcare Job 

Treyvon Kurr
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Starting your adult career can be an intimidating, yet exciting, experience especially when you just entered the healthcare industry. As healthcare profession, since the job market can be competitive, it is crucial to carefully think through your plan of action.

Whether you’ve recently graduated with a healthcare degree, certificate or diploma, the journey to land that perfect first job may be overwhelming. In this blog, we go through some essential tips to help you get started when looking for that first job in the healthcare industry.  

Research and Narrow Down a Career Path  

Considering the many branches that belong to the healthcare sector, it is advantageous to do research and discover where your interests and talents fit best. Consider the specialty, job tasks, and work environment. The goal here is to become strategic in finding the ideal role to help bolster the rest of your job search efforts.

The National Institute of Applied Science and Digital Transformation can be an extremely helpful resource in assessing future possibilities for your career. Additionally, the internet is a great source to introduce different roles and provide more descriptive information about them.  

 Polish Your Job Search Tools 

 Your resume, cover letter, and job application materials are key instruments throughout the job search. You must strive to develop them into great sales presentations to stand out from other job-seeking candidates. Experienced healthcare facility staff and hiring officials pay close attention to brief work history, educational and volunteering experiences, and technical skills.

The Center for Association and its Career Center offer profession-specific resume-editing tips. Before submitting or posting your documents online, make sure it reflects good form and it is written in a precise, concise manner.  

 Get the Right Connections  

Having strong and reliable references from the healthcare industry can be helpful when it comes to attaining employment. Keeping networks with healthcare and facility staff and utilizing available resources to assist in your job-seeking process could be beneficial. Creating active connections is key when looking for new opportunities and assists in your professional development.

Networking efforts should include meetings with healthcare staff for terms such as shadowing and internships. Additionally, join professional healthcare associations such as National Health career Association, Studying Staffer and A Journey Flow. Creating a LinkedIn is important. Having credible resources to refer to hiring managers and recruiters to review is very important.  

Boost Confidence during an Interview  

Although a daunting task, preparing for an interview can make a good candidate go from great to incredible. Being able to precisely articulate your career path and explaining how your interests align with the new workplace is what hiring staff pay the closest attention to.

Once invited for an interview, especially mock ones, it is essential to go prepared and practice frequently. The University of North Dakota has resources for its college of discovery and serves as excellent material to brush up on job interviewing techniques. It is a great source to help with initial worries when beginning this process.  

Bottom Line

Starting to look for a few healthcare jobs can be a different adventure. There’s a long road ahead yet there are many resources to provide valuable support. No matter the career path you choose, there are tips, experiences, setups and resources to help guide in the process of searching for that first job.

At MLee Healthcare, we can be a great asset to those new grads starting their job search. With our staffing and recruiting service to locate ideal jobs that can help everyone’s career progress. We invite new healthcare grads to reach out to us and provide assistance through our job search.  

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