Pathologist Assistant - PA

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Pathologist Assistant - PA
Day Shift / Full-Time / State-of-the-Art Facility

• Provides anatomic pathology services under the control and supervision of a pathologist by assisting in the preparation and performance of human surgical specimen dissection and human postmortem examinations
• Obtains biological specimens for analysis; and, upon direction of the pathologist performs special procedures such as coronary artery perfusion studies, tumor triage, and faxitron (x-ray)
• Under the supervision of a pathologist, prepare human surgical specimens for gross description and dissection, including but not limited to: describes gross anatomic features, dissects surgical specimens and prepares tissue for histological examination
• Assures appropriate specimen accessioning, obtains the clinical history and photographs all pertinent specimens and microscopic slides as directed by a pathologist(s)
• Obtains the patient medical chart and other pertinent data for review with the attending pathologist
• Under the direction of a pathologist, performs postmortem examinations which may include: external examinations, in situ organ inspections, evisceration, dissection and dictation or recording of data such as organ weights, presence of body fluids and gross anatomic findings
• Selects and prepares gross tissue section for frozen section analysis
• Notifies physician in charge, funeral home and all other authorities prior to beginning the dissections, coordinates special requests for specimen sampling (e.g., organ transplantation team, research, etc.)
• Confers with the pathologists to identify the special techniques and procedures that will be necessary (e.g., histochemical, immunoflurescense, toxicological, viral, or electron microscopic studies, cultures, smears, etc.) and notifies all personnel involved
• Responsible for assuring proper maintenance of equipment, provides adequate supplies, and maintains cleanliness of the surgical pathology suite
• Assists in the organization and coordination of anatomic pathology conferences

- Masters Degree in applicable field REQUIRED

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