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List of Podcasts for Traveling Nurses 

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As a traveling nurse, you must look for ways to entertain yourself during the long journey. Instead of sitting in the car for hours listening to the same music over and over again, it’s time to start listening to nursing podcasts. Nurse podcasts not only entertain you while working, but they also provide you with current information in your field. 

Traveling professionals can find it difficult to cope with the demands of their careers. With the constant changes in the healthcare and travel industries, staying on top of nursing podcasts can be challenging. However, when you start listening to nursing podcasts, your journey can be as smooth and quick as you least expect.  

Traveling nurses have to choose from various types of content they want to listen to on a podcast. Whether you’re traveling by bus, train, foot, or any other form of transportation, you can enjoy podcasts anywhere you want. Recently, podcasts have become very popular for providing entertainment and education to travelers, including traveling nurses. 

Here’s a list of some of the best travel nursing podcasts to listen to when traveling: 

1. Life in Scrubs Podcast 

For nursing students and new graduate nurses looking for some entertainment or motivation, this podcast is for you. In addition, any healthcare professional can also get something out of this podcast. The main goal of the Life in Scrubs podcast is to inspire, educate, and empower future and current travel nurses, as Kristen and Maddi, the podcast’s custodians, share. 

2. The WoMed Travel Podcast 

Women and the LGBTQ community also have a fair share when it comes to travel podcasts. Both women and the LGBTQ community can have their voices heard thanks to this healthcare podcast. The hosts of this podcast include Danielle Maltby and Jackie Camardo, who are nurses providing new issues and platforms in the healthcare industry. 

These nurses ensure they cover everything in the medical world, including self-care, healthcare trends, activism, and patient stories. The podcast has a lot of industry leaders who are focused on bringing a humorous and realistic point of view. This keeps traveling nurses laughing while also learning their field. 

3. Travel Nursing and Allied Life 

Travel nursing and allied life mainly focus on travel nurses and allied professionals. Hosted by the TravCon team, this podcast features up-to-date information about the healthcare travel industry. The podcast also comes in five different series that you need to follow, including Industry Trends, Speaker Series, Newbie News, the Healthcare Traveler Minute, and the Exhibitor Minute. 

This podcast keeps you updated on everything that’s happening in healthcare travel by bringing current industry and trends. The traveler, recruiter, and all other industry players are all involved, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

4. Empowered Nurse Podcast 

Travel nurse podcasts are there for everybody. Whether you’re new to the field or a professional, there’s always a podcast that will suit you. The empowered nurse podcast is a good example of a beginner podcast. It gives support and empowerment to the new nurses joining the healthcare industry. 

The podcast provides a lot of advice and top tips that can help travel nurses succeed in their healthcare field. The host, Lacey Magen, also provides a greater understanding of travel nurses and how they can better adapt to their job. Travel nurses can also have conversations and interviews with other nurses and healthcare professionals, empowering them in their careers. 

5. Cup of Nursing 

If you want to be the best-traveling nurse in the world, here’s the perfect podcast for you. This podcast covers all the health-related news that can help you perfect your craft. This travel nurse podcast covers all the hot nursing topics happening around the healthcare industry. 

Sometimes, conversations can get real, requiring you to face the topics head-on with the hosts and listeners without hesitation. This podcast also offers entertainment and education to everyone in the medical industry; whether you’re a newcomer, interested in pursuing a nursing career, or serving as a nurse, it offers all the news you need to stay ahead in the healthcare field. 

6. The Nurse Blake Podcast 

A traveling nurse can feel overwhelmed at their place of work. They need something that can impact their emotions positively and make them focus on the job. Depending on your hospital setting, you need to find a place where you can hold breaks and gossip a bit about your work. That’s where this podcast is. 

Hosted by Nurse Blake, this funny podcast talks about everything related to nursing, including travel, specialties, and schooling. This podcast also talks about issues such as safe staffing ratios and the gay blood ban. Additionally, Blake’s Breakroom Gossip ensures that new nursing guests are entertained by providing them with all the gossip they need to hear. 

Bottom Line

Podcasts are a great way for traveling professionals to connect and learn more about their nursing field. Whether you’re new to the healthcare industry or a professional, podcasts can ensure that you enjoy every bit of your career without going through burnout. 

You’ll be able to learn as you progress in your career. Contact us today, and let’s connect you with healthcare professionals who are dedicated to their careers. 

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