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The Benefits of Travel for My Resume

Treyvon Kurr
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What are the Benefits of Travel for my Resume? 

Healthcare professionals move into travel-based roles for a variety of reasons. As well as satisfying their wanderlust and injecting excitement into the working day, roles such as travel nursing offer many career advancement opportunities. In this handy article, we’ll explore some of the primary ways in which traveling for work can enhance your healthcare career and boost your resume. 

1. It will show you’re reliable and flexible 

Traveling for work requires organizational skills. You may need to travel somewhere new at a moment’s notice or rearrange your shifts to suit hospital staffing requirements. Developing these skills and showing resilience in the face of last-minute requests will help your resume stand out from the crowd.  

2. You’ll develop strong communication skills    

Whether you’re a medical technologist or an ER nurse, travel work requires strong communication skills. For example, you may need to shift between units and locations, treating a wide range of different patients requiring specialist forms of care and attention. This aspect of the role will help you learn what types of questions to ask specific patients and adapt your communication style to suit different situations. 

You’ll also get better at working with unfamiliar healthcare teams at short notice, learning their unique team protocols and technologies quickly and efficiently. Strong communicators are highly valued in almost every sector. As such, a role in travel healthcare will equip you with the foundational skills you need to pursue a wide range of careers in future.  

3. You’ll become a valuable team player 

The healthcare sector has always required team players willing to delegate, swap, and take on new tasks in line with patients’ needs. Travel workers perform especially well in teams as they’re accustomed to meeting new people and adapting to others’ working styles. For this reason, hiring managers often prioritize healthcare workers with travel experience. 

4. You’ll appear open-minded and worldly 

Traveling the country is a great way to learn more about unfamiliar communities and healthcare settings. This experience could help you appear more open-minded and adaptable than other healthcare professionals.   

5. You’ll develop a robust professional network 

Don’t underestimate the power of building new relationships and professional networks. Even if you only spend a couple of weeks in a role, the connections you develop could help open professional doors further down the line. As well as providing you with recommendations and references, these contacts may be willing to provide you with valuable information about knowledge and experiences.  

6. You’ll become a quick learner 

Traveling roles require workers to learn complicated hospital protocols, state-specific laws, and more. As such, you’ll become a quick learner with the ability to solve problems and take initiative without constant supervision. These traits are highly coveted in healthcare organizations and could help you attain more senior roles. 

7. Travel experience could give you the edge over a similarly qualified candidate 

There are many smart, highly qualified professionals competing for roles in the healthcare industry. Having travel experience could make your resume appear more attractive than other candidates with the same kinds of qualifications and technical knowledge as you. Just remember to emphasize the benefits of travel during job interviews, using concrete examples of how you’ve benefited.  

8. You’ll have more to write on your resume 

Jobseekers who have been in the same role or organizations for many years often struggle to fill their resumes with extensive and diverse information. Travel roles give you plenty of diverse experiences on which to draw. Just remember to keep your resume concise and legible. An overly wordy document could frustrate potential employers! 

9. You’ll appear professional, hardworking, and dependable 

All healthcare roles require hard work, diligence, and professionalism. However, traveling staff members are especially renowned for their ability to go the extra mile (quite literally) to help their patients and team members. After a few months in the profession, you’ll become more confident and feel comfortable with a range of professional protocols.  

Explore traveling opportunities today! 

As well as gaining clinical skills, travel nursing and other types of traveling positions will develop your soft skills and help you reach your career goals. While the job can be stressful from time to time, you’ll develop valuable resilience and organizational skills that could provide the stepping stone you need to achieve great things. To find out more, browse MLee Healthcare today! We have a range of vacancies to suit many types of healthcare professionals. 

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