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Tips on How to Get State Licenses for Healthcare Travelers 

Treyvon Kurr
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Do you have plans to become a traveling nurse? How to get your state license might be one of the last things on your mind. No one wants to take part in a complex application process. A state license is a prerequisite for being a healthcare traveler. You must understand how the application process works. 

Your healthcare travel agency and recruiter should be able to guide you through the entire procedure. However, it is always a brilliant idea to know what you need and get tips on how to get a state license. This article will explain the common types of state licenses for healthcare travelers and how to get them. 

What State License Do Healthcare Travelers Need? 

Travel healthcare license authorizes healthcare professionals to work in states outside the state where they received their Registered Nursing License. 

To work as a healthcare traveler, you must first get your Registered Nursing License. The Registered Nursing License shows employers that you have the right skills to practice as a healthcare professional. It is a prerequisite for anyone in the nursing field. 

You will, after that, have to obtain one of the following licenses: 

  • eNLC License 
  • Walkthrough License 
  • State-specific License 

Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC License) 

eNLC License is a multistate nursing license that allows health workers to work in their home state and other states that accept eNLC Licenses. All the states that accept eNLC licenses are Compact Nursing States

The license is convenient as it prevents nurses from getting a separate license whenever they work outside their home state. 

The Process of Getting an eNLC License 

The process of getting an eNLC License is straightforward. You first have to ensure that you meet all the eNLC License requirements. After that, upgrade your valid Registered Nursing License from your home state to a multistate license. You can achieve this by going to the state board of nursing website. 

It is convenient to use a search engine, as it will help you quickly find the right page. For example, when you Google “New Jersey eNLC License application,” it will bring you to this page. Here you will find the link to the online application. 

When you are through with your application, you will have to complete a background and fingerprint check. The application should offer extensive details on how you will handle it. It will take a few days or weeks to review the application. After approval, you can work in any state that recognizes the eNLC License. 

Walkthrough License 

There are specific states that offer Walkthrough licenses. The license allows healthcare travelers to obtain a temporary healthcare license while waiting for a permanent one in a specific state. There are states which accept both eNLC and Walkthrough licenses. This is because healthcare professionals from non-eNLC states will need a pathway to a fast license. 

The Process of Getting a Walkthrough License 

To get a Walkthrough License, you must complete steps similar to eNLC. You will tweak your Google search. For example, if you plan to practice nursing in Idaho, search “Idaho temporary nursing license” or “Idaho walkthrough nursing license”. Ensure you always look for state board results that end with “.gov” in the URL. It will help you get the correct application online. Like in the eNLC application, you must also complete a background and fingerprint check. 

After reviewing and approving your application, you will be able to work in the state. 

State-specific License 

State-specific licenses are for healthcare professionals planning to practice in states that offer neither. Walkthrough License nor the eNLC License. Getting this license will take a long time. You will not be able to get a temporary license like in Walkthrough licenses. 

The Process of Getting a State-Specific License 

Getting a state-specific license is a more complex and lengthy procedure. Different states have different requirements and steps you have to fulfill. There is no specific step-by-step breakdown. 

You should work closely with a healthcare travel agency if you intend to work in a state that does not offer Walkthrough or an eNLC license. Remember that even if the state you plan to work in only offers a state-specific license, you can still work there. It will just require more effort and time. 

Are you looking for a recruiter? 

Getting a state license for healthcare travelers can be complex and tiresome. Working with a recruiter who can take you through the entire licensing procedure is best. 

Check out MLee Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting. We work with physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, nurses, and other health professionals for travel placements in different states. We are a joint certified and commission agency, and our professional recruiters will work closely with you to find appropriate placements. We will also help you obtain the right state license. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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