Meet The Team

At MLee Healthcare, we take immense pride in our outstanding team, renowned for its expertise in healthcare staffing solutions and recruitment. Our profound understanding of the healthcare sector, coupled with a fervent drive to link exceptional professionals with leading healthcare institutions, distinctly positions us in the market. We are devoted to offering top-notch professional healthcare staffing services with unwavering commitment.

Our exceptional team is composed of individuals with diverse talents and substantial experience in healthcare industry recruitment. Our expert healthcare recruiters are equipped with profound industry knowledge and an astute ability to identify the finest talent. Concurrently, our dedicated account managers provide personalized support and strategic guidance. Each member of our team plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the success of your staffing endeavors.

At MLee Healthcare, continuous professional development is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We are constantly evolving to remain at the vanguard of healthcare industry trends and regulations. This relentless pursuit of healthcare staffing expertise enables us to deliver unparalleled service quality. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and meet your staffing requirements. Explore the profiles of our team members below and witness firsthand the passion, commitment, and industry acumen that establish MLee Healthcare as a premier healthcare staffing agency.

Embark on a journey with us to meet the extraordinary individuals who form the backbone of the MLee Healthcare. Their expertise and zeal for healthcare staffing and recruiting excellence solidify our standing as your trusted partner in this arena.

Our healthcare recruiters are not just hiring experts; they are career consultants who take the time to understand each candidate’s unique skills and aspirations. They work tirelessly to match these talents with suitable healthcare roles, ensuring a perfect alignment between candidate capabilities and organizational needs. This meticulous approach has made us a favored choice for healthcare staffing and recruiting.

Additionally, MLee Healthcare team recognizes the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. We stay abreast of the latest healthcare trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes to ensure that our clients and candidates are always ahead of the curve. Our commitment to staying informed translates into more effective and efficient staffing solutions.

We also place a high value on building lasting relationships. Our team’s personalized approach ensures that we understand the specific needs and goals of each organization we work with. This enables us to provide tailored staffing solutions that are not only effective in the short term but sustainable in the long run.

Our account managers play a crucial role in this process. They work closely with healthcare organizations to understand their culture, values, and specific staffing needs. This deep understanding allows us to provide strategic staffing guidance and support, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible talent to meet their unique challenges.

In summary, MLee Healthcare stands out in the healthcare staffing and recruiting industry for our comprehensive approach, our dedicated team of professionals, and our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our services. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking new opportunities or an organization in need of top talent, MLee Healthcare is here to serve you with exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Partner with us at MLee Healthcare, where our expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing and recruiting make us your ideal choice. Together, we can achieve outstanding results in your staffing journey.


Andy McCall

Chief Executive Officer

Katie Bollinger

Director of Accounting

Jay Mendez

Operations Manager

Jay Mendez is an Operations Manager with a diverse background spanning different countries and industries. Born and raised in the Austin, Texas, Jay’s journey took an interesting turn after after graduating from Texas State University. Fueled by a passion for exploration and cultural immersion Jay moved to Japan, where he taught English at a private school and immersed himself in the local culture. Fluent in Japanese, Jay developed a passion for Japanese art.

Due to COVID-19, Jay returned to the US and started working as a Compliance Analyst. He quickly transitioned into a Compliance Manager role at MLee and later moved into operations. With his strategic mindset and leadership skills, Jay optimized processes, fostered collaboration, and improved efficiency. Outside of work, he enjoys visiting museums and supporting local artists.

Jay Mendez’s commitment to excellence, cultural understanding, and operational efficiency makes him a valuable asset to MLee.


Dan Keiderling

Managing Partner

Dan is one of our senior recruiters representing the Northeastern region. Prior to joining MLee Healthcare Dan worked in business development where he gained experience with business and revenue growth. Dan joined MLee’s team because he liked the company culture, and he expressed personal passion for the company’s service and values.

Originally from Connecticut, but lived in Texas for over 20 years, Dan enjoys his free time golfing or traveling the Caribbean.


Aaron Rodriguez

Managing Partner

Aaron Rodriguez is a practice leader and recruiter at McCall and Lee and is passionate about enriching the quality of life within the community of his clients. He is proud to work at McCall and Lee where the main focus of work is not just about being at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, but most importantly about fostering the community of his clients. Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Aaron graduated Magna Cum Laude from McCoy School of Business and worked for Advanced Micro Devices. Aaron is an Austin, TX native and outside of work he enjoys competitive sports, the great outdoors, fishing, playing the saxophone, and spending time with family.


Kara Scherff

Managing Partner

Meet Kara, a friendly and accomplished professional with 6+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and recruitment. Her superior work ethic and revenue generation ideas have consistently delivered results. As a Senior Recruiter at MLee Healthcare, Kara successfully placed staff in C-Suite roles and managed staffing for hospitals across the US, with a focus on the Midwest. Kara’s achievements include being recognized as the Most Improved Employee of the Year and placing top-ranking Marketing Directors globally. She also holds the record for the highest number of sales in a single branch office. Kara’s passion for leadership is evident in her effective management of entry-level recruiters, ensuring their success in healthcare recruitment and client management. With Kara’s friendly demeanor and impressive track record, she brings valuable expertise and a personable approach to any professional environment.


Chase Roesner

Managing Partner

Chase is one of our senior recruiters representing the Southern region. Prior to joining MLee Healthcare, Chase worked in business development where he gained valuable development and leadership experience. Chase joined MLee’s team because of the work life balance and the opportunity to help others.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Chase enjoys spending his free time outdoors, traveling, and participating in water sports.


Cristian Garza

Managing Partner

Meet Cristian, our dedicated recruiter for the South West United States. Cristian takes immense pride in assisting the community, both his own and his clients’. With his strong communication skills and a keen sense of global connectivity, he is truly passionate about his role in this industry.

Cristian’s journey began in Houston, Texas, where he grew up. He later pursued higher education at Texas State University, where he completed his degree while simultaneously working as a full-time Realtor. Eventually, he transitioned into the healthcare sector, driven by his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cristian embraces the beauty of nature and relishes outdoor adventures. He finds solace in activities like hiking, fishing, and traveling, which allow him to rejuvenate and explore the world around him.

We warmly invite you to connect with Cristian, who is eager to help you navigate your journey and achieve your goals. Join our community and experience the exceptional care and expertise that defines our approach.


Austin Gunther

Senior Recruiter / Partner

Austin is a senior recruiter representing the Southeastern region. Prior to joining MLee Healthcare, Austin worked as a program manager where he gained management experience along with the intention of improving an organization’s performance. Austin joined MLee’s team because he recognized the opportunity for growth, and the company values aligned with his own future goals. Born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Austin enjoys traveling. He used to live overseas for approximately 8 years, during which he met his beautiful wife in Turkey. Besides living in Turkey, Austin has been to over 15 different countries.


Hoss Melton

Managing Partner

Hoss Melton is a Recruiter and Practice Leader with a focus on the Western US. For the past ten years, Hoss has excelled in every area of Healthcare, whether it be Clinical Laboratory, Nursing, Therapy, or Administration positions. By bringing together a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the recruitment process he can always find the right professional for your hospital. Hoss started his career indirect marketing where he developed strong communication skills to help bring together people with products and services. After working in the power electronics world recruiting engineers, he shifted gears and transitioned into the healthcare field. Working as an inside sales executive with Royce Medical, Hoss found a home working with healthcare professionals. As National Sales Manager for Ossur Orthopedics and Prosthetics, Hoss controlled the company’s O&P distribution network with just over 26 million in sales a year. While working for Ossur Orthopedics Hoss was recruited by the worlds largest prosthetics company Otto Bock to help design and lead their orthopedics business in the USA. Currently, Hoss lives and works in California with his five daughters were they spend their time enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, and going to the beautiful Southern California beaches.


Dominik Miles

National Healthcare Recruiter

Dominik is a recruiter who represents the Western region. Prior to joining MLee Healthcare, Dominik worked in underwater welding and maritime sales where he developed sales experience, and the skills to work hard. Dominik joined MLee Healthcare because he recognized an opportunity to inspire others, take on new challenges and make a difference in people’s lives. Born in Southern California and raised in Eastern Washington, Dominik loves the outdoors and enjoys sailing, surfing and kitesurfing.


Lydia McCall

Senior Recruiter

Lydia is a recruiter who represents the Midwest and Great Lakes region. Prior to becoming a recruiter, Lydia was a student at the University of Texas and an intern at MLee Healthcare. Lydia really enjoys sales and the healthcare industry but her true passion is knowing that she is helping others. Originally from Iowa, Lydia likes to spend her free time outdoors hanging with her friends and family.


Thomas O'Conner

Senior Recruiter

Thomas is one of our recruiters representing the Southern region. Prior to joining MLee Healthcare, Thomas was a licensed insurance adjuster and also a private pilot. Thomas has gained valuable sales and customer service experience. Thomas joined MLee’s team because he wanted to work in healthcare, and he has a passion for helping others. Born and raised in Boerne, Texas, Thomas loves to spend his free time outdoors. He likes to go snowboarding and skiing in the Winter and go diving and swimming in the Summer. Thomas is also passionate about entertaining others with music as he enjoys playing the guitar and piano.


Mason Stringfellow

Senior Recruiter Team Leader

Before joining the MLee team, Mason served as an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years where he deployed overseas. He received the rank of Sergeant with multiple personal achievements and recognition for his actions while in service such as a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and more.

Directly after Mason joined Ironside Human Resources as a recruiter in his hometown of Dallas, Tx. He quickly began to build his practice by supplying a great number of qualified professionals to his clients. He was able to provide candidates for critical roles needed by Hospitals nationwide. He was appointed employee of the month of March 2023 for his ability to provide quality service for his clients.

After working with his previous firm and finding success quickly in the industry, MLee Healthcare became available to Mason as a better opportunity to grow in the healthcare recruitment field. He has been an influential addition to the team and has used his previous experience to help develop his own business portfolio as well as support the group with training and development of preexisting clientele. There are high expectations for Mason in his ability to support clients by providing excellent service and being a long-term addition to the MLee family.


A.R Boutari

Senior Recruiter Team Lead

Originally from Dallas, Texas, A.R is an accomplished healthcare recruiter representing our Midwest region with a proven track record of success. His expertise lies in sourcing and identifying top talent using a combination of both traditional and modern methods. With numerous accolades under his belt such as achieving top producing recruiter in his first year in the industry, A.R brings past experience and a keen eye for recognizing exceptional candidates and prides himself in his willingness to continually grow and learn. Knowing that he can make a positive impact on countless lives is why he loves doing what he does. Clients value A.R’s ability to build strong relationships based on trust, open communication, and working with urgency. His dedication to understanding clients’ unique needs ensures he delivers candidates who not only possess the required qualifications but also align with the client’s values and goals. Partnering with A.R guarantees a seamless and efficient recruitment experience that exceeds expectations, elevating healthcare organizations by connecting them with exceptional professionals. Outside of work, A.R grew up playing competitive soccer and has a background in the health and fitness industry. He enjoys spending time with family and friends through activities such as staying physically active, hiking, traveling, live music, sporting events, and more.


Matt Morgan

Executive Recruiter

Matt Morgan is an Executive Recruiter with a distinguished background in Recruiting and Account Management. Hailing from Austin, TX, and having briefly experienced the allure of Houston, he swiftly recognized Austin as his true professional and personal haven, and he has since chosen to establish his residence there.


Embarking on his professional journey in the realm of door-to-door prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Matt adeptly adapted to the evolving landscape by strategically transitioning into an industry and market that could harness his unparalleled expertise in relationship cultivation and sales knowledge. In early 2020, his discovery of MLee underscored his innate aptitude for the art of recruitment.


Beyond the confines of the professional sphere, Matt’s thirst for exploration finds his expression in his outdoor pursuits and serene moments by the lake. Moreover, he has ventured into the diverse realms of Central America, Turkey, and Italy with motivation to see more. 


Matt Morgan’s commitment to self-enhancement and his innate ability to forge profound connections with individuals spanning the globe stand as the cornerstone of his triumphant tenure at MLee Healthcare. His proficiency in fostering interpersonal relationships and his capacity for global rapport have been paramount in his accomplishments within the organization. 


Treyvon Kurr

Operations Specialist

Treyvon’s path unfolds with a sense of anticipation, embracing the multitude of opportunities that await him. Each day reinforces the notion that life’s true beauty lies in the seamless interweaving of passions, where they can mutually enrich our existence. From the realm of precision operations to the expressive world of music, Treyvon’s endeavors transcend the confines of mere work or leisure. They encapsulate the synthesis of his diverse interests, underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence, and underscore his unwavering belief in the transformative power inherent in both creativity and efficiency.

Currently holding the role of an operations specialist, Treyvon has recently relocated from the serene landscapes of Utah to the dynamic city of Austin. Here, he continues to embrace new experiences and expand his horizons, embracing the evolving facets of his diverse journey.


Lynsey Ruiz

Account Executive

Aimee Rivera


Meet Aimee, a seasoned recruiter at MLee Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting, dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for healthcare organizations and professionals nationwide. With expertise in operations management, sales, and SEO, Aimee plays a crucial role in positioning MLee Healthcare as a leader in the competitive healthcare market.

Joining MLee in July 2023, Aimee brings valuable experience from her previous role as Training Development Manager at Takeda, where she designed impactful learning programs for a workforce across the board.

With over 6 years of hands-on experience in healthcare, Aimee is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional service and value. Her strengths in communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation make her an invaluable asset in healthcare staffing and recruitment.

Outside of work, Aimee enjoys playing the violin and tennis, embodying a balanced and enthusiastic approach to both work and leisure. With her diverse skills and unwavering dedication, Aimee embodies excellence in healthcare staffing and recruitment.