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Exploring the Daily Duties and Benefits of a Radiologic Technologist 

Treyvon Kurr
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Every day presents its own set of unique opportunities and challenges for a radiologic technologist. Individuals in this field must possess a unique set of skills and abilities to accurately capture images of the human body, often used in diagnosing or treating medical conditions. While every day is different in the life of a radiologic technologist, there is a general routine they must follow to make sure that all the necessary information is gathered and accurately recorded. In this blog we will explore the day-to-day life of a radiologic technologist, including the type of work they do, the skills necessary to be successful in this career, and the support they can receive from MLee Healthcare to reach their goals.  

Understanding the Role of a Radiologic Technologist  

Radiologic technologists, also known as radiographers, oversee using imaging to create pictures of the inside of the body. These professionals must be able to place patients in the necessary positions and use the technology to track any necessary areas. They are expected to be skilled in the operation of the equipment and in the identification of internal structures in images. In addition, the technologist must ensure that each image is correctly captured, and that all relevant information is recorded on the patient’s chart.  

Radiologic technologists need to understand the varied image capture techniques, as well as the positive effects of the radiation being used. They must also know how and when to use contrast and shielding to protect themselves and the patient from the radiation being used. In addition, they must be skilled in the proper use of medical coding and be able to upload images for review by a medical professional.  

Daily Duties for a Radiologic Technologist  

A radiologic technologist is responsible for ensuring that each patient receives the necessary images. They work closely with the patient, while positioning them, identifying the area that needs imaging, and making sure the images are correctly framed and taken. This portion of the job entails a lot of pressure to ascertain accuracy at every point in the process. After ensuring the patient and the image are correctly framed, the technologist must ensure the safety of the patient by using any required shielding to protect the patient from the radiation being used. 

 The technologist then moves to the next step in the process, which includes reviewing the images taken to make sure that all necessary images are taken and uploading them to the system for review. Once all of that is completed, the technologist is then responsible for accurately coding the images, so that the medical professional can easily review them and make a proper diagnosis. Then, the technologist must take the images to the medical staff for review.  

Finding the Right Radiologic Technology Role  

When looking to become a radiologic technologist, one must find an employer who will train their technologists to the highest standards of patient care. This is where M Lee Healthcare, a healthcare staffing agency, can assist with finding the right role for a radiologic technologist. With years of experience matching the right candidate to the right employer, M Lee Healthcare offers the help and support needed to find the right radiologic technologist role to fit the individual’s expectations.  

The Benefits of Being a Radiologic Technologist  

Though it is a lot of responsibility, there are many benefits to being a radiologic technologist. Besides a great career path, specializations, certification, and advancement opportunities, radiologic technologists get to work in the forefront of medical science. They can enjoy better pay, job security, and a wide range of positions available. They may also grow in confidence as they learn more about the profession and how much their roles can lead to a successful patient outcome.  

Take the Opportunity

This blog has explored the daily life of a radiologic technologist and we have seen that it is a job that requires a complex set of skills and abilities. However, the rewards of the job far outweigh the challenges and it intensifies with each new day. With the assistance of MLee Healthcare, anyone looking to become a radiologic technologist can have the help and support they need to find the perfect place to hone their craft and make a real difference in the medical profession. 

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