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What to Expect: Yearly Assignment Schedules for Travel Nurses

Treyvon Kurr
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Travel nursing is one of the best and most rewarding paths a nurse can take in their career. But it comes with an important responsibility – understanding the details of your assignment schedule. How many assignments will you take? What types of assignments will you take? How long will each assignment be? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you properly plan your yearly schedule. In this blog, we’ll cover the most popular and common types of yearly assignments travel nurses take, how often they take them, and how MLee Healthcare can help.  

Types of Assignments 

Travel nurses take on a variety of assignments throughout the year. The most common assignments include:  

  • Short-term assignments: Short-term assignments typically last about 8-13 weeks. These assignments often require nurses to work long hours and may include night shifts and weekend duties. 
  • Long-term assignments: Long-term assignments are generally for 13 weeks, but some can last up to one year. These assignments often require nurses to work fewer hours and be available more often.  
  • Travel medical: These assignments are often for 8 weeks or less and require nurses to work in the field to provide medical care.  
  • Per diem assignments: These assignments are usually for 1-2 days a week and require nurses to work in both local and remote locations.  

Frequency of Assignments  

The frequency of assignments depends on the type of assignment and the location. Typically, travel nurses take multiple short-term assignments in a year or one long-term assignment. The number of assignments taken in a year can vary from one to four or more depending on the nurse’s availability and the number of assignments available.  

It’s important for travel nurses to be aware of the demands of the job. In some cases, you may be required to work long hours or move to a different city for a few weeks. Also, depending on the assignment, you may be required to obtain additional certifications or licenses.  

Essential Considerations  

When considering an assignment, there are several important things you should keep in mind. First, determine the length of the assignment and what kind of environment it’s in. If it’s a short-term assignment, make sure you understand the schedule and what duties you’ll be expected to do.  

Second, determine the salary and benefits for the assignment. If it’s a long-term assignment, you may be eligible for additional benefits including housing, transportation, and other perks.  

Finally, consider the quality of healthcare at the facility. Make sure the location is in a safe part of town and the healthcare provided is up to your standards.  

How MLee Healthcare Can Help  

As a premier healthcare staffing and recruiting firm, MLee Healthcare is dedicated to helping travel nurses take the perfect assignment for them. Our team of dedicated professionals have access to a wide variety of assignments and locations from around the globe.  

Additionally, we provide nurses with the unique ability to customize their assignments according to their specific preferences. From determining the length of the assignment to finding the best healthcare facility, we make sure nurses get the most out of every assignment.  

Start Your Journey

Travel nursing is a great option for those who want to make a difference in the healthcare industry while also having the flexibility to explore the world. However, many nurses are unsure of what to expect when looking for assignments.  

We hope this blog has given you a better understanding of the types of assignments travel nurses take as well as what to consider when choosing assignments. MLee Healthcare can help you make the most of your assignments and get you the most out of everyone. Contact us today to find the right assignment for you! 

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