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Which Nursing Specialty is Best for You? 

Treyvon Kurr
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If you’re planning on becoming a nurse or are a fresh nursing grad, then you’re probably wondering which nursing specialty is right for you. There are many nursing specialties available; in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nurse employment will increase 7% by 2029, which means that your job opportunities are massive.  

It can be difficult to pick which nursing specialty is right for you, so hopefully this article will help you make an informed choice.  

Dean of Nursing 

Average income: $183,500 

This is the ideal job for you if you love nursing and well as teaching. This job is filled with constant learning and dealing with students, as a dean of nursing would work with a university to plan and lead their nursing program. You would have to keep up with the research and advances of the medical world alongside running the university’s curriculum so that future nurses are prepared for what the workplace will bring.  

General nurse practitioner 

Average income: $111,680 

General nurse practitioners usually require a Master of Science in Nursing as well as a license to be a nurse practitioner. They can work in many primary care settings like clinics and hospitals, but also have the option of opening their own independent practice. This is the most flexible and applicable of all specialties.  

Certified registered nurse anesthetist 

Average income: $183,580 

This type of nurse is responsible for administering anesthesia to patients, usually in ER/OR, surgical, or dental settings. It’s a difficult job which requires a lot of knowledge and care, so it takes years of education, experience, and training. As such, it pays extremely well and is very respected.  

Certified nurse midwife 

Average income: $111,130 

Nurse midwives work with expectant mothers, whether under the care of a physician or independently. This is a unique and rewarding career path, as you will be dedicating your time and care to mothers and their newborn children, often even after the birth in the form of follow-up care. This type of nursing is a very unique and special one as you share in the very first moments when a mother meets her child and the tender time after.  

Family nurse practitioner 

Average income: $113,319 

Family nurses care for patients ranging across all ages in both clinical and family practice settings. If you went into this specialty, you’d be responsible for examining, diagnosing, and treating patients of all ages, with a careful focus on preventative care. It’s likely that you’d work with the same patient for a fair chunk of their lifespan, which can be very enjoyable since you form a special kind of bond.  

Physical therapist 

Average income: $91,000 

If you want to be a nurse but dislike the idea of being in the typical hospital setting, then you could look into becoming a physical therapist. You would work with patients who have suffered some loss of health or mobility and help them to recover or improve on them both. This specialty is another very rewarding one, as you get to join patients on their journey to better health that they undertake with their own bodily effort.  

Forensic nurse consultant 

Average income: $79,174 

While not as well-compensated as other specialties, forensic nurses have a very interesting and unique job scope. As a forensic nurse, you’d work with attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement while the alleged perpetrators of violent crimes are being prosecuted. You will care for victims of violence and work on both the legal and medical sides of ongoing cases.  

Because you are both a nurse and a law enforcement liaison, you need to be able to build strong rapport with your patients and be incredibly tough so that you can handle the mental toll of working with victims of violent crimes.  

Psychiatric nurse 

Average income: $119,000 

In this profession, you’d work with patients who are dealing with mental health disorders and even addiction. Some examples would be anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, and more. There is massive job growth expected in this specialty as the stresses of modern life continue to grow and the stigmas surrounding mental health decrease. This is definitely a career path to watch out for if you feel it’s right for you.  

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