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Kidney Walk Austin Texas Sponsor Support

Jessica Weng
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MLee Healthcare Employees Participate in Kidney Walk, Austin Texas

Recruiting in Healthcare can be challenging and rewarding. We support the ones that support us and we’re pleased to announce that they are participating in the Kidney Walk and fully support the foundation. MLee Employees and friends will be walking Sunday morning and we would like to encourage others to donate to this great cause.

Every dollar counts and if you can contribute that would help us reach our goal and support the millions of Americans and their families who are affected by this disease each year.

The Kidney Walk in Austin, organized by the National Kidney Foundation, became a meaningful avenue for our team to engage in philanthropy beyond the realm of healthcare staffing. The event is designed to raise funds for kidney disease research, patient services, and community education, provided us with an opportunity to actively contribute to a cause that resonates with our values.

Our participation in the Kidney Walk was marked by both financial support and a genuine commitment to raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals affected by kidney disease. Beyond the workplace, MLee Healthcare believes in fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for health and well-being.

By joining hands with the National Kidney Foundation in this endeavor, we demonstrated our dedication to creating a positive impact, not just in healthcare but in the lives of those navigating the complexities of health related issues.

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